Our Approach

Our approach to technology service is simple. We get our hands dirty. We concentrate on what we are best at, offer customers an honest rate for the labor we perform, and we let our competitors stumble amongst themselves while we get work done. We do not offer anyone access to the cloud, or get involved with selling VoIP like many others do, we focus on the physical side of your voice and data network making sure the infrastructure is bullet proof for anything you want to throw at it.

Our Story

We have spent many years developing our reputation as the best structured cabling professionals in the Metro Detroit area. We made a comittment to quality when we started and those early years were spent with our CEO working calls in the field as well as handling the business side of our operations. We made a point to grow our business at a moderate pace always delivering on the promises we have made, prioritizing quality of work over blast production. Our technicians have been hand selected, are nationally certified, and continue to develop with new technologies as they emerge so we are always on the cutting edge of the industry.


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