Control and Manage Access to Your Business

We design and install professional access control solutions that safeguard homes and businesses in Detroit, Michigan from intruders. Our products are designed to maximize safety, user convenience, and workflow optimization.

Access Control Benefits

Protect your people, buildings, and assets by installing our custom-designed access control system, which provides:

  • A safe work environment for employees, visitors, and contractors
  • 24-hour security for an apartment building or dormitory residents
  • Protection of high-security areas, sensitive data, networks, and equipment
  • Safe and reliable building egress in the event of an emergency
  • Scalable infrastructure that can grow according to your security needs

Access Control Features

Beyond creating a safe environment, access control systems provide your security team with scalability, flexibility, and actionable data via a host of powerful features, including:

  • Simple administration via iOS and Android mobile devices
  • Easy permissions, card, cardholder, and door lock schedule management
  • Customizable activity/exception reporting
  • System health monitoring and alerts
  • Unlimited door licensing
  • Integration with video surveillance systems, HR databases, and more

About Access Control

What is Access Control?

An electronic access control system uses technology to eliminate the security risks posed by mechanical locks and keys. The system grants access based on a credential that is presented.

If the access credential is not valid and access is refused, the door will remain locked and the attempted access event is recorded. The system also will sound an alarm if the door is forced open, or held open for too long after being unlocked.

Improve Security at Home

You can utilize access control solutions to keep the main entry and exit points of your home secure. We can install terminals that restrict access to your home office or the safe in your closet.

Through our security systems, you can also give friends or neighbors watching your home for you a temporary access code, which automatically expires at a set time.

Eliminate Unauthorized Access

Keep your employees safe from physical harm and your assets and inventory secure from theft. Turn to our team for quality access control systems that prevent intruders from entering your place of business or staff from entering sensitive areas of the building.

Improve Employee Safety and Productivity

Our access control systems will allow your employees to focus on their job roles, without worrying about security risks caused by an unauthorized entry. You will also be able to track employee whereabouts and movements.

Enhance Security for Sensitive Areas

Our technologies enable you to add or revoke access privileges to these areas for any employee, at any time. Consider installing access control in:

  • Human Resources Areas
  • Research Labs
  • Server Rooms
  • Records Rooms
  • Cash Offices
  • Product Development Areas

Your Security Team, Your Local Experts

We Understand Access Control

Our trained technicians can handle all of your access control needs. We can provide you with everything, from control equipment and card readers to access management software and ongoing support services.

Support for Installations of Any Size

We cater to the following establishments:

  • Offices
  • Retail Shops
  • Warehouses
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • and Industrial Facilities of all Sizes

Whatever your access control needs are, we can deliver a customized solution that fits your application and your budget. Our trained technicians will visit your place of business and design an access control system that’s tailored to your specifications.

Consult Us Today

Trust us for excellent access control systems. For more information, get in touch with us today. We hope to hear from you soon!