Expert Solutions for Data Transmission

Thunder Valley Enterprise helps large and small businesses in Detroit, Michigan stay competitive by upgrading their data infrastructure and structured cabling systems.

Our trained and certified experts can guide you throughout the design, installation, end-user training, and ongoing support processes. We always aim to deliver the fastest and most reliable data transmission solutions for our customers.

Our Capabilities

Our BICSI and manufacturer-certified technicians have installed thousands of miles of fiber optic cable in facilities throughout the Detroit, Michigan area. Our capabilities include:

  • Data Cabling – professional structured cabling system design, infrastructure audits, testing, and certification
  • Fiber Optic Cabling – single-mode and multi-mode cable and connectivity
  • Low Voltage Cabling – planning, installation, and maintenance for AV communications, CCTV, security, and business networking
  • In-Building Wireless – mobile data and distributed antenna systems to transmit wireless data at maximum speed
  • Data Centers – designing, installation, troubleshooting, and ongoing maintenance

Data Cabling/Networking

Our team can help your business or home office with their fiber optics, structured data, or voice network cabling requirements. We can design a properly installed, terminated, and tested solution that ensures the most error-free data transmission possible.

You can also rely on us for surveillance systems that record and send a continuous video stream with 100% uptime demands sufficient data transmission capability.

Fiber Optic Technology

We utilize the latest technologies to bring lightning-fast upload speeds and efficient data transfer capabilities to our customers. Our technicians can upgrade your current copper-based cables into fiber optic cables.

Remote Workstations

Thunder Valley Enterprise can help you set up remote workstations for your employees. You can be confident that our data transmission solutions will keep your business’s sensitive data secure.

Apart from laptops or computers, we can also set up remote workstations on mobile devices. This will allow your employees to work from anywhere while increasing their job satisfaction and productivity.

Storage Solutions

We offer solutions that can help make data storage more manageable and affordable. These services would lessen your storage costs while allowing you to store more data for extended periods.

It’s also important to consider this dynamic when thinking about future business growth. Our company will help you implement a data compression technology that will make the expansion of your business operations in the future easier.

Our Process

Initial Cable Survey

We offer a complete audit of all future installation locations. Our trained technicians will review your facility’s blueprints and floorplan to determine the optimal installation plan that meets your budget.

Comprehensive Retrofit Plan

At Thunder Valley Enterprise, we conduct a full evaluation of your current data transmission processes and infrastructure. We then design a comprehensive retrofit plan, tailored specifically to your business goals.

Unlike other security companies, our company offers more than just a one-size-fits-all data solution. Our ability to provide custom solutions sets us apart from our competitors and allows us to build lasting relationships with our Detroit-based customers.

Network Configuration

You can turn to our professional team for efficient internal data systems. We can link your service with your cable provider, allowing you to connect your workspace to your customers and suppliers.

Cable Installation

We offer a host of solutions for voice and data, CCTV, point-of-sale transactions, and audiovisual applications.

Our technicians carry out their services promptly to avoid any disruptions to your business operations. We can schedule installation for non-peak hours, or even before or after regular business hours.

Expert Support

Our customer support staff is available 24/7 to assist you in troubleshooting your data or fiber system. You can contact us anytime and we’ll be here to help you.

During the call, our manufacturer-trained technicians will have access to a complete history of the work we’ve performed at your facility. This will help them deliver personalized and attentive customer service and address your issue.

Connect With Us Today

For more information about our data transmission solutions, get in touch with us today. We hope to hear from you soon.