24/7 Protection for Your Home or Business

At Thunder Valley Enterprise, we design, install, and support efficient, cost-effective video security technologies to protect your property. Our systems can be easily monitored 24/7 via our free iOS and Android-compatible app.

Video Security Benefits

With our professionally installed systems, owners of single-family residences or multi-campus corporate facilities will have:

  • Peace of mind that your people and property are protected
  • The ability to view live or recorded video from anywhere, anytime
  • Instant alerts for events like motion, line crossing, object removed, and more
  • Court admissible video evidence, should an incident occur
  • Easy setup and comprehensive technical support

Uncompromising Performance

Our equipment uses top-quality components and the latest chipset technologies and will deliver ultra-high resolution video images in any lighting condition.

The cutting-edge technologies we offer are engineered to provide you with:

  • Multi-Megapixel Resolution
  • Smart Features
  • Video Analytics
  • Remote Centralized Management
  • Guaranteed Reliability

We’ll Help You Choose the Right Solution

Our experts can help you customize a video security solution that delivers superior performance and reliability, at a price point that fits your budget:

  • Platform – Is HD-TVI or networked IP the best technology for you?
  • Resolution – How much forensic detail do you require?
  • Camera Form Factor – Bullet, dome, turret, fisheye, panoramic, covert, or PTZ?
  • Infrared (IR) Capability – How far do you need to see at night?
  • Field of View – How wide an area do you need to cover?

Video Cameras

Multi Megapixel Resolution

Our company provides video surveillance cameras in a variety of resolutions up to 8.0 MP (4K). You can count on our cameras for excellent full-color HD image quality even in dark environments.

Additionally, our products can minimize bandwidth and storage space requirements.

Superior Low Light Performance

Thunder Valley Enterprise’s cameras use advanced infrared (IR) technology to deliver ultra-crisp images from low light to complete darkness. This also saves 30% more energy than standard IR technology.

Weather and Impact Protection

We offer outdoor surveillance systems that can stand any weather conditions. Our cameras’ rugged metal enclosures carry an IP67 weather protection rating, with an operating temperature range of -40 °F to 140 °F.

Our company also provides vandal-proof dome cameras with IK10-rated impact resistance, to ensure continuous delivery of high-quality video.

Recording Devices

Multiple Channels

We can provide residential and commercial property owners with a surveillance system that utilizes multiple channels. This technology will allow you to switch between viewing indoors and outdoors.

Our team can also help you put a system in place that would make it easy for you to add cameras as your home or business needs expand.

Multiple Recording Modes

Thunder Valley Enterprise offers multiple recording modes to best suit your preferences. Our products have continuous, scheduled, and motion-detection recording features. The mode you select can help us determine how much storage you'll require while keeping your budget in mind.

H.265+ Video Compression

We offer recorders that feature H.265+ video compression to help reduce the storage space you need. Nothing to worry about, because our technology will still deliver crisp, clean images.

Remote Monitoring

Remote and Mobile Access

Our company is proud to offer remote monitoring and mobile access to our clients in Detroit, Michigan. The service we provide enables you to see a live view of your cameras’ feeds from a web browser or iOS or Android mobile device.

Multiple Recording Modes

Property owners can remotely switch recording modes based on their needs throughout the day. You can have a continuous feed while at home or at work and a motion-sensor feed when you leave for the day.

Email and Mobile Alerts

We also offer video security solutions that can send email and mobile notifications to your device if anything suspicious occurs. This will allow you to react to an incident in real-time.

Set the Schedule

You can control your cameras remotely through the mobile app. You just need to log in and activate your cameras at your preferred time.


Our fully-integrated security solutions connect your video surveillance system to other aspects of your security plan. You can change the activation time for your motion sensors from your device to avoid setting off the alarm when you return.

  • Tamper Detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Line Crossing
  • Object Removal
  • Audio Exception Detection
  • Unattended Baggage
  • Defocus Detection
  • Face Detection
  • Scene Change Detection
  • Object Counting
  • Region Entrance/Exiting
  • Heat Mapping

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